Soliya Reflection

            Soliya was definitely a new experience that added a lot to me, even though the number of sessions weren’t a lot. Firstly, the amount of diversity in the group wass astounding! There were participants from different regions of the world with different backgrounds and different stories to be told. For instance, even though IContinue reading “Soliya Reflection”

Social Justice and Equity in Practice

            Injustice, injustice, injustice…. We’re surrounded and faced by injustice in almost every aspect of our lives. But the extent of it amazes me whenever I learn something new related to the topic. I read two articles related to content filtering and information inequity, and both truly portrayed the negative impact of limited access toContinue reading “Social Justice and Equity in Practice”

First Draft of Digital Narrative Game

I decided to create a game about losing parents. The aim of the game is to portray some of the difficulties that children who lost their parents go through. It also serves as a mean of showing the internal thoughts and struggles of such children, and how it can impact their everyday life decisions. IContinue reading “First Draft of Digital Narrative Game”

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