Digital Literacies Path

Super quick reflection this time!

There were three different pathways I could’ve chosen from, and I checked them all in order to understand what each option entailed. In the beginning I thought I’d follow the twisted path since I felt combining would be a good idea, and I really didn’t mind mixing the three. However, when I opened the tinkering path I felt lost for some reason, or overwhelmed…I don’t really know. So I decided to check the other two paths, taught and theory. I actually read the article “How safe is the internet”, in the theory path, and I liked it. However, I felt like I was exposed to articles, talks and assignments in class that were similar, for example the data detox kit assignment. So I decided to go for the taught path. I chose the smart phones tools and techs, and the presentation skills. I loved how interactive the session or the module was. I also liked the fact that you can go back and forth to re-read any piece of information you wish to revise. The information was presented in a very easy manner with very easy language, especially when it came to the smartphone module. I thought the smartphone module would’ve been filled with weird terminologies but that wasn’t the case at all. It was also quite informative when it came to the software and the parts of the phone along with their respective functions. The presentation skills module on the other hand was not as beneficial for me. I was very excited in the beginning because I thought I’d learn about tips and tricks that would help me excel even more in my presentation skills, but I knew almost everything I read. A piece of information I stumbled upon was how the different colors and contrast can affect the visibility of the content. However, once again, we discussed this issue in class and used a site to make sure this isn’t the case. I did however learn about the different categorization of the different platforms, such as Prezi being a non-linear platform. To be completely honest, I feel if I had done this assignment earlier in the semester it would’ve been more beneficial since right now I’m familiar with most of the things I read due to our class material.

Link to the modules:

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