First Draft of Digital Narrative Game

I decided to create a game about losing parents. The aim of the game is to portray some of the difficulties that children who lost their parents go through. It also serves as a mean of showing the internal thoughts and struggles of such children, and how it can impact their everyday life decisions. I tried to get my point across as much as possible, but I’m not quite sure if some scenarios need more clarification or adjustments whatsoever. If you have any ideas on how to improve my game, or any comments please let me know!

3 thoughts on “First Draft of Digital Narrative Game

  1. Hi Mai. Congratulations for choosing a very important and sensitive subject for this narrative game. Could you warn the player/reader at the beginning that they might want to have someone to talk to if the discussion of this topic upsets them?
    I think you are right that some scenarios need clarification, and perhaps to be presented in a different order. For instance, I was a bit confused to go straight into the dilemma about how to tell the brother. Perhaps it would be better to start with the emotional impact on the person telling the story, and then move on to discussing how the various family members might support each other. Also, once people have chosen their preferred action, it would be helpful to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option – there are no right or wrong answers, but perhaps have the other characters (mother, brother, friends) talking about how they felt in this case?


  2. Mai,

    Your topic caught my attention because it brings to light the importance of emotional awareness and intelligence in dealing with real-life struggles, something that we perhaps in the Arab world at best don’t pay much attention to, and at its worst consider a limitation that needs to be overcome. This is especially critical for young men and women who are trying to figure out their identities and how they relate to their families, communities, and the world at large.

    I especially appreciate the fact that the game provided me with different scenarios based on my responses, which for me definitely increased my engagement and curiosity. I do have a couple of questions for you to consider though as you perfect your game:

    1- The game began with a scenario concerning the gamer’s brother and not one’s self, thus pushing the user to think about the emotions of others (in this case the brother) before one’s own feelings. Do you think it will be more helpful to the user to explore how THEY feel about losing a parent before considering others? I think starting with a scenario that orients the user and puts their emotions about losing a parent at the forefront as they navigate the game will increase their awareness of their own feelings and push them to make adjustments based on that.

    2- In one of the scenarios you mention that the user is sensitive to the fact that they lost a parent to the point where they are unable or unwilling to mention that to their college friends. I am not sure why that is the case. Is it becomes the event is so emotional that they find it difficult to talk about?

    This is an excellent game and a topic that I am very passionate about. Thank you Mai for giving me the opportunity to explore this game and provide feedback, I hope you find my contribution helpful :).


  3. Hi Mai,
    The perspective and the idea of the game is very interesting and I like your thinking, however I don’t believe this is the approach. I think that every individual has their own case and it can’t be generalized. I also thought that it triggered unpleasant emotions and you should implement more positivity to the issue and how people should seek help from those around them so they don’t go through the loss alone.


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