Preliminary Game Idea Research

            The first time I studied psychology was in the 12th grade. Learning about disorders, we came across one called GAD, generalized anxiety disorder. Put simply, it means a person stresses over the littlest things and overthinks everything and worries him/herself in an excessive manner over unnecessary events. My best friend and I, being in the same school, couldn’t but help notice that this disorder perfectly described my state. I was always worried ad anxious over every little thing in my life. My worries back then were related to study matters, university applications and major choices and related issues. However, as time went by, my worries shifted and increased even more. On another note, just to get a glimpse of my best friend’s personality, my best friend was the most chill person on earth. However, by the second year of university her stress levels got up the roof to the point where she couldn’t manage her matters at all and it started affecting her personal life. That’s why I chose my game topic to be related to stress and anxiety.

            I plan on putting situations in the game that actually happened, and are still happening, to both me and her. I love the integration between both of our experiences since both of us worry about different things, but within the same scope, that of a person approaching adulthood. I plan on making the game scenarios mainly related to students/ fresh graduates. I sat down with my friend and we both talked about what stresses us in details and what are the different solutions to each situation. These situations/ scenarios include stress related to studying and grades, finding jobs after graduation, choosing which path to take after graduation (do graduate studies or work), social anxiety, self-doubt, relationship issues and stress, and finally commitment issues.

            I will try to be detailed as much as possible to make the player envision the situation and actually feel what we’re going through. I plan on making the scenario details like the depression quest game, where I fully explain the situation and the atmosphere we’re usually put in when facing a stressful situation for us. I decided not to make any secondary research because I think we already have a lot of real life scenarios that happen with us which can fulfill the purpose of the game. My main aim is to make the player visualize and understand the hardships a person can go through if they’re easily stressed. The amount of times people view me and my best friend as irrational is ridiculous, and that’s only because they don’t know how we truly feel on the inside. It’s only when a person is put in another one’s shoes might they understand and get a glimpse of what it’s like. It’s only then will they be more kinder and more considerate towards others, which is the ultimate goal.

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