Games Reflection

Spent –>

I played Spent 4 times, and with each turn I was able to survive longer. I died on the fifth day first turn but was able to survive the entire month by the last turn. However, I believe this is because I started taking actions I normally wouldn’t. The game made me realize a couple of important things. Firstly, if someone has deep moral, s/he will greatly suffer. Secondly, if a person cares about people’s feelings and their happiness, in this game the children and the best friend that’s getting married, s/he will suffer since at one point they’ll have to upset them by not giving them what they want. Thirdly, and most importantly, I was able to survive this last time as I ran away from the responsibilities I couldn’t pay at the moment. Not only is this not sustainable, but also it causes greater damage and costs in the long run which is bound to harm me even more. To me the game was perfect just the way it was and didn’t need any adjustments.

Depression Quest –>

This game is just way too intense! I was amazed by how I personally felt being pulled down as I went across the game. It was pure frustration, honestly. It’s like I always had things to do but just couldn’t accomplish them, even though I really wanted to. Also, I felt quite sad, and could relate, that a person might be going through something so tough yet s/he can’t tell the close people in his/her life just because they might not understand. It was so frustrating, sad and just blue. I couldn’t help but link this game to a song called “The Search” by NF. I made this link instantly when I read ““Deal with it?” you think, repeating it in your mind. Does she see you as a problem to be dealt with?” There were many instances in the game later on where he was making assumptions in his head about how he’s a failure and a burden to those around him, even if that’s not the case. This automatically reminded me of the song when NF said “the point I’m making is the mind is a powerful place and what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way, it’s pretty cool, huh? But it’s not always safe”. In the song, NF talks about depression and the struggles he goes through due to him being famous, but honestly I feel like the entire song can be linked to the game in many aspects. Here’s a link to it, I strongly recommend listening to the entire song! The game on its own is perfect, but I would’ve loved if there was a section at the end that recommends how we could help out a clinically depressed person using our basic human skills.

Syrian Refugees –>

I played this game twice; died the first time and survived the second through taking different routes and means of transportation (first traveled through Turkey, then through Egypt). In the second turn I didn’t feel the intensity of the decision making process as I did when compared to the first one. Real tough decisions had to be made, and every single one of them contained a lot of risk that not only the individual had to bear, but also his/her entire family. We always hear about refugees’ stories and what they go through to the point that we have become desensitized to them. But honestly, when I had to think about every step and how hard each decision was it made me empathize with them a lot more. This is because they have to through a lot of difficult and dangerous situations just to live like a normal human being with their basic safety rights. No one should be forced out of their countries in that way and put in this unsettling situation no matter what. I felt his game was good enough and no changes should be made.

Sleep-deprived mom –>

I really liked the game and how the situations were very realistic. However, I would’ve loved if the game actually went on for an extra week or two in order to actually visualize the intensity of sleep deprivation mothers go through. This game was a lot more relaxed than the others, in my opinion. It would also be a lot more challenging if it involved a section including new born babies since they require a lot more attention and the mother becomes way too sleep deprived in that period.

“Bad News” –>

I played this game twice, but with two different personas. The first turn ended in a minute as I was very ethical and didn’t take the role of a fraud. However, to capture the essence of the game, I played the second turn as a person with no morals whatsoever; I only cared about getting the online attention and the spreading of fake news to cause disturbance among the people. This game showed me how one person can actually make something sound so believable without being credible at all. It also showed me how some people can get sucked in the online world to the point that it can cause them greed and lose their values in the middle. This game was quite good, but it would’ve been better if more options were given.

Domestic Abuse –>

This game as genius! I love how the game portrayed the fact that abuse doesn’t have to be physical only. Emotional abuse and guilt tricking s abuse as well, which is stressed enough in the game. I also felt like this game is very realistic since I hear lots of stories containing abuse and the one being abused decides to stay in the relationship just because they find excuses to their partner under the name of love. But I did feel frustrated that that were was no way out from the very beginning of the game, there was no option to leave the relationship in the first couple of questions (which I assume was done on purpose to portray the point of the game). I believe this would be the only change needed in this game.

Gender Equality –>

This game is spot on. It perfectly describes the typical gender inequality in Egypt and how traditional parents think. It’s literally what we hear in the lower class communities around us; women shouldn’t study, women should focus on being a housewife etc. I also loved the fact that I ended up unwed at the end of the game as I chose to focus on my career till I’m 25 years old. It’s just sad that this is actually the case in Egypt to some people as they’re viewed as “old” at that age….ironic, isn’t it? I would’ve loved if this game had more questions and more situations in which females are discriminated against and where they have to take harder paths due to their sex.

All games were quite stimulating in different ways. However, they all managed to make me visualize and feel how people suffer in different ways. It’s great to see a different perspective in order to better understand people and what they are going through by being in their shoes for a little while. However, I do want to say that no one has got life covered and no one has got it easy. We’re all human and we all have our own difficulties we go through. What’s important is that you believe you’re capable of handling whatever it is that life has to offer you, and that you’ll come out of bad times a much stronger and wiser person!

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